TechGeeks from Our Dell Service Centre  can fix all your Dell Laptop Issues 

  • Lightening fast service from one of the Dell’s premium service partner in India

  • Expert technicians in hardware and software repairs.

  • Professional laptop service provider for all kinds of laptop repairs.

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Our Dell Service Centre, your answer to all your Tech Problems

Our Dell Service Centre is a leading Dell Laptop Service provider with an experience over10 years with certified technicians and 100% guaranteed laptop repair services. We specialize in:
  • Dell Mother Board service:

    Dell Service Center in Hyderabad resolve complex mother board issues and handle any incompatibility issues that can come up with your hardware, we also handle Dell networking port services and Dell DC power jack service.

  • Dell Hardware Repair service:

    We also configure Dell LCD Screen service and other laptop issues services at affordable and reliable prices.

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Our Dell Service Centre, your destination for all laptop services and needs

Our Dell Service Centre, best and most efficient laptop service provider with quick diagnosis and analysis of hardware or software related repairs undertaking guaranteed results with necessary warranty by highly trained technicians. We facilitate
  • Constant Customer focus on all kinds of laptop repairs with honest advice and quick fix on the same day

  • Professional and responsible technician’s expertise in all kinds of laptop repairs and services at Dell service center


Dell LCD Screen service:

Our skilled experts ensure your DELL LED and LCD screen display’s the sharpest of the images with their service.

Dell Mother Board service

We guarantee that your DELL laptop will deliver the optimum performance post our motherboard services.

Dell hard disk data recovery

We use state-of-the art technologies for data recovery from your DELL laptop hardisk.

Dell DC power jack service

Let voltage fluctuations not worry you with our customer-friendly DELL laptop power jack service.

Dell networking port service

Stay connected all time with our pinnacle services offered in networking port service for your DELL laptops.

Dell  laptop other issues service

We are here 24X7 right at your fingertips to address all your unanticipated DELL laptop issues.



General service

  • Valid 1 time
  • External cleaning
  • Internal cleaning
  • Cpu fan cleaning
  • Fine tuning
  • Performance improve
  • Virus /antivirus

1 year Warranty extension with parts

  • Complete cover including parts
  • 2 free general services
  • Majority issue covered
  • Physical damages & burning excluded
  • Upgrade recommendations
  • Free Antivirus
  • Premium in a day service

1 year Warranty extension

  • limited cover excluding parts
  • 1 free general services
  • Majority issue covered
  • Physical damages & burning excluded
  • Upgrade recommendations
  • Free Antivirus
  • Premium in a day service

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